Incoming: Castle Story

Well, this looks interesting. Castle Story is a game in development by a new developer, Sauropod Studio. If I were to lazily describe it to a child, I would say it resembled Minecraft, reinvisaged as a real-time strategy game.

Of course, there’s clearly much more to it than that.

The game revolves around cute little amorphous yellow blobs, called Bricktrons. They’ll mine stones from the ground and stockpile them, which can then be built with in a pleasingly LEGO-esque fashion. Once you have a castle, you’ll have to defend it from intruders, which may well include other players.

So far, the only in-game footage of this is from a very early alpha version, with some developer commentary, which you will find right underneath this paragraph, and above the next one.

Whilst this is clearly a very early version of the game, it already looks promisingly creative. The part of me that loved LEGO as a child wants nothing more than to play with the castle creation engine, whereas the part of me that delighted in ruining everything in Red Faction: Guerilla is dying to place a few ‘harmless’ barrels next to somebody else’s castle. This will make for some utterly fantastic multiplayer, be it cooperative or competitive.

Here’s hoping they emulate Minecraft in one very crucial way, and release an early alpha for us to fiddle with.

Keep up with Castle Story through the dev’s Twitter feed, or on their website.


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