From The Frontlines


Yes, yes, I know, glorification of violence and all that. But it’s true – Planetside 2 does make war look absolutely beautiful.

Here are just a few moments captured when I left Fraps running during a long session on Esamir, the game’s ice continent. (Click for high-res versions)

The glorious thing is, each of these snaps represents one fleeting moment, from the point of view of a single grunt, in one relatively insignificant engagement, part of a never-ending war between thousands of people, each one of whom has their own unique perspective, their own particular version of events. Will you be the infiltrator that made it through enemy lines and captured a new spawn location, or will you be the sniper that saved his life – without him even knowing? Maybe you’ll be the tank commander, or the bomber pilot, or any one of a hundred other roles that are both completely insignificant, and absolutely crucial.

In Planetside 2, you’re a nameless soldier, a war hero, and everything in between.


Planetside 2 is a free to play MMOFPS, which you can sign up for here.

I’m currently playing under the name Quasar, for the Vanu Sovereignty, on the server Woodman EU. So far I’m mostly playing solo, as I’m yet to find the time to commit to an outfit.


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