Look, I’m on a train!

By the marvel of technology, I can even bring you an exclusive shot of exactly what I can see right now from the window of my train.

The train in question is taking me to Rezzed – in Birmingham, this year, rather than Brighton. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the Hotline Miami 2 demo, as well as giving the Oculus Rift a go for myself, if I can stand the inevitable queue.

Last year’s show was where my love for Hotline Miami first started, the pounding rhythm of its murderous soundtrack drawing in the crowds better than a bloke in a rubber alien suit ever could. Before Rezzed last year, nobody knew about Hotline Miami. A week later, it was all anyone could talk about, including myself. I wonder what undiscovered gem we’ll all be raving about come Monday morning?

I’ll post back with more later. For now, coffee!


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