Rezzed 2013 – What I Liked


So, I’m back from the rather lovely weekend of PC and Indie games that is Rezzed. Fun was had, video games were played, and mildly expensive Guinness was imbibed.

So, how was it? I’ve been tweeting sporadically throughout, but I thought it’d be helpful to sit down and write a little more coherently about my impressions of what I enjoyed over the weekend.


I love games conventions. I really do. There’s just something about being surrounded by unfinished, beta-stage video games, excited crowds and the occasional face of a journalist that I recognise from Twitter that really draws me in. The atmosphere, just like last year, was wonderful. Everyone just loved games, and wanted to talk about them all day which, as you can imagine, was right up my alley. All weekend, I never met a single person that wasn’t utterly pleasant.


The show floor itself was nicely spread out, with plenty of room to wander between booths and see what everyone was up to. The indie booth known as the Leftfield collection, despite being a little on the cramped side, was chock full of fascinating concepts, like the ‘movie style’ hacking game that just involved randomly mashing the keyboard as fast as possible, or the underwater exploration game that utilised Oculus Rift technology to incredible effect.

As I’ve said before, the indie nature of the convention means that the developers themselves tend to be right there while you’re playing, giving you a far greater insight into what you’re playing than a hired PR person ever could. I spent about 20 minutes playing Sir, You Are Being Hunted, which was undoubtedly my game of the show, and about which I plan to write much more very soon, and ended up becoming almost a part of the display, as one of the developers narrated my adventures through their twisted version of rural England to the gathering crowd behind me, giving me advice and laughing along with my failures. That’s just not the kind of experience you can have anywhere else.


The talks, too, were fascinating, particularly the discussion panels which started each day, talking about new business models and the ways in which storytelling in games has evolved. All were equal parts insightful, thought provoking and hilarious. The Creative Assembly game jam was another highlight, bringing into the world five hilarious yet strangely compelling games based around the culture of the 1980’s, all of which would almost certainly become great games if the developers had been given longer than 9 hours. My personal favourite was the top-down shooter inspired by this bit of impromptu deforestation:

Honestly, I’ve wanted a game of that for ages. I’m pretty sure the game jam games will be put up for download in the next few days, as they were last year, so I’ll update this post when that happens.

For now, I’ll finish off with a quick tl;dr of the weekend:

  • Best game: Sir, You Are Being Hunted
  • Other Good Games: Shadow Warrior, Hotline Miami 2, The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot
  • Best Talk: Storytelling in games
  • Funniest man: Ed Stern. Seriously, the guy is hilarious.
  • Beer consumed: Yes

There’ll be plenty more words coming out of my brain from this weekend, so stay tuned!


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