Battlefield 4 in 1% resolution is beautiful, surreal


Yes, that’s a screenshot of Battlefield 4, easily the most graphically advanced game released this year. No, you’re not drunk.

… I assume.

Apparently, amongst the Battlefield 4 config files, is an option that allows it to downscale to a lower resolution. Reddit user BWandstuffs found the results of turning this option right down to 1% far too hilarious not to record, and has gone ahead and provided a whole game’s worth of footage of what he/she refers to as ‘Potatofield 4’

It’s weirdly beautiful, isn’t it? Visually, it reminds me a little bit of Proteus, with a far more violent soundtrack.

I do love how easy it is to fuck about with the internal workings of a game to create something entirely different. Here’s to more totally useless but utterly fascinating discoveries!


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