Games Night: Cards Against Humanity


I always thought my friends and I were fairly nice people. This weekend, thanks to plenty of sunshine, slightly too much beer and a simple box of cards, I’ve realised that we’re actually a bunch of antisocial, deviant, foul-mouthed sociopaths, with looser morals than Harold Shipman.

Cards Against Humanity proudly bills itself as ‘A party game for horrible people’. The rules – insofar as there are any – are simple. Players draw a hand of white answer cards, and take turns to read out one of the black question cards. Each player then plays the funniest answer they’ve got, and the winner is the one who gets the biggest laugh.


Normally things will start fairly surreal. As the booze starts flowing, however… It quickly gets dark. Seriously, worryingly dark. If you’ve got any friends coming over who are even slightly sensitive to jokes about rape, murder, disease, war, death or genocide, you’re probably better off sticking to Kerplunk. For the rest of you – the sick, depraved, Frankie Boyle loving dregs of humanity – there’s a surprising amount of twisted fun to be had here.

The game’s meant to be remixed, so we quickly came up with our own variant on the rules that kept each round relatively short, whilst ensuring that every player had something at least a little bit horrific to say at all times.


The cards themselves range from the literal toilet humour of ‘Two midgets shitting into a bucket’ all the way up to the (situationally) genuinely offensive ‘Madeline McCann’. The Daily Mail, in their classic timely fashion, have just picked up on the existence of Cards Against Humanity, despite the game having been available for nearly three years. They were offended, of course, but instantly changing their tune as soon as there was a funny story to exploit.

If I have a criticism, it’s that playing the game too much with the same group will inevitably get a bit stale once you’ve heard all the cards a few times. There are expansion packs available at a fairly reasonable price, though I’ve not purchased any of them myself as yet.


If you’ve read this far, you’re either deeply concerned for my mental state, or a little bit interested. If you’ve got a group of friends that share your twisted sense of humour, Cards Against Humanity will be an absolute treat the next time you meet up. The best fun comes from introducing new players to the game, their freshly offended laughter reminding you of the warm, caring soul you used to have.


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