OverHeat is a thing I have been making

So, over the last year or so I’ve been learning to code. I’ve had to do this very much in my spare time for the most part, but I’m now ready to show what I’ve been working on to the world!

If you want to skip the explanation and just have a go, you can find the latest test version here: https://benjrose.itch.io/overheat. Be warned – it’s still unfinished!

Otherwise, read on for more!

Coding is fun. Like, really fun. It’s even more fun when the thing that you’re coding is a game, because it means that all the work you put in gets turned into something you can interact with, mess about and, ideally, blow some bits up.

Overheat started very simply, as a tool for me to learn how to use GameMaker. It pretty much consisted of a ship that could shoot at asteroids. Eventually, those asteroids started shooting back, and then things just kind of snowballed.

You probably have questions! Let me help:


What is OverHeat?

It’s a top-down space shooter, in the vein of classic arcade games going as far back as Space Invaders.


What’s special about it?

OverHeat has similar controls to other games you’ve probably played, but the weapon and powerup system works a little differently. As you fire your main weapon, it will heat up. The hotter your shots, the more damage you’ll do, but if you overheat the weapon it’ll be out of action for a few seconds.

The powerups are modular and can be combined. This means that if  you pick up a powerup that splits your bullets into three, then pick up one that makes them track the nearest enemy, you’ll find that your triple-shot laser will now also have a tracking capability.


What does it cost?

Nothing! As this is my first project, I’m going to release it for free. Right now I suppose you could say it’s in early access – the latest test version is free and available to download, but there are likely to be bugs, errors and missing features.


Where can I get it?

You can find the latest test version here: https://benjrose.itch.io/overheat

That’s also where the final release will be, when it’s finished.


How long til it’s done?

Not long. I’m already planning something with a wider scope, which will take some of the ideas from this project forward. I’m still intending to finish this first, though.


Can I help?

The best thing you could do to help would be in testing the game. If you do play it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the mechanics, if you encountered any bugs, or anything else at all that you think is important.


Why is it called OverHeat?

Because you have a gun that can overheat. I never said it was subtle.


Do you always talk to yourself like this?





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