Reality Check, or Why I Cancelled My Playstation 4 Preorder


Anyone who knows me will know I’ve been quite excited about the PS4. I loved the controller when I got the chance to play with one at Eurogamer, I really liked the idea of smooth, 1080p/60FPS gameplay in my living room, and I was completely behind the Sony ethos – that the PS4 was a gaming machine, and wasn’t trying to court the all-in-one entertainment demographic that the Xbox One was chasing.

With all that in mind, it may come as quite a surprise that I’ve just closed an Amazon tab, in which I cancelled my pre-order of the Playstation 4/Killzone Shadowfall bundle. A pre-order which I have held since July.

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The Xbox 180, And Five Reasons Why It Doesn’t Matter

XboxOneI’m afraid I can’t take credit for that title – it was all over the Internet well before I got around to writing this piece. But it’s true – Microsoft has pulled a full reversal of pretty much all of their most hated policies regarding the Xbox One. Gone is the requirement to check in once every 24 hours. Gone is the fee for playing used games. Gone is the region locking, which would’ve meant that the Witcher 3 devs couldn’t even play their own game in their home country of Poland.

So everything is fine now, right? The Xbox One is just another console now, not really that different from the PS4, right?

Not quite.
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