Nintendo 3DS XL – First Impressions


It probably comes as no surprise that I properly love gadgets. I’m always after a new toy to play with, to the point where I now physically don’t have a bag big enough to bring all of my electrical tat with me all at once. This year, I was convinced I wanted a PS4. However, following a last-minute change of heart, I started looking elsewhere. It’s been around ten years since I last held a Nintendo console, passing my beloved old Gameboy Colour to my younger cousin so that he could experience the sheer joy of Pokémon. And to tell the truth, I missed it. So, when Matt Lees of recommended the 3DS XL as a better alternative to the PS4/Xbone, my mind was made up.

It was also my birthday, which helped.

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Impressions of a Rushed Writer

I realised recently that I’ve not done an actual decent sized piece of games journalism for a while now. That made me sad, but what with exams and such, I don’t really have the time to write a full piece right now. Instead, I’m just going to briefly talk about the games I’ve been enjoying recently, and why.

I hope you’re in the mood to be rambled at!

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